User License

Users License for our Free eBooks?

A “license” extends legal protection to you as a user. It is the permission, given to you by the author that grants you certain rights or liberties. In this case, you will have permission to download their digital book, store it on any device and read it. The file is yours to keep. The author or publisher is regarded as the “licensor”. The tangible license is the written authorization, which absolves you from any claim for infringement of the author’s intellectual property rights, subject to you using the book strictly within the confines of the license and Copyright law.

In simple terms, it’s like a standard driver’s license: you are allowed to drive a car only; you are not automatically granted privileges to drive a huge truck or fast motorcycle. The license restricts and limits you to what you have actually qualified to drive.

 myebookstuff free book license grants you permission and protection for you to:

1. Download a book from in any digital format.
2. Store the file (pdf, epub, kindle) on your electronic devices.
3. Read and keep the work indefinitely.

The license will be revoked, if you break the Copyright law as follow:

1. Host, distribute or share digital files commercially on any other website without permission.
2. Offer a book for sale in any way or in any currency.
3. Copy and pass the work off as your own (plagiarize). free ebook license is in writing, which means the author has granted permission, via our official book submission form or by post or email, for to host and distribute their book without or a little charge on their behalf. This written permission can be used as evidence in any case of alleged infringement of the author’s intellectual property rights.

When you download a free book from Myebookstuff and abide by the conditions stated above, you are not only protecting the author’s rights, but yours also. Myebookstuff: Sincere, Legal, and straightforward. As you would expect.