Elementary Algebra Exercise Book I
2nd edition
© 2017 Wenlong Wang, Hao Wang 
ISBN 978-87-403-1584-4


Mr. Wenlong Wang is a retired mathematics educator in China. He has been working on
algebra and geometry problems for many years, and has taught many students in the past
few years. He is an expert and a senior researcher in mathematics education.
Professor Hao Wang is a faculty member in the Department of Mathematical & Statistical
Sciences at the University of Alberta, an advisory board member of Centre for Mathematical
Biology, an associate editor for International Journal of Numerical Analysis & Modeling –
Series B, an editor for Nonlinear Dynamics and Systems Theory (an international journal
of research and surveys), an editor for a special issue of The Canadian Applied Mathematics
Quarterly, and an associate faculty member for Faculty of 1000 Biology. Dr. Wang has strong
interests in interdisciplinary research of mathematical biology. His research group is working
on areas as diverse as modeling stoichiometry-based ecological interactions, microbiology,
infectious diseases, predator-prey interactions, habitat destruction and biodiversity, risk
assessment of oil sands pollution. Mathematical models include ordinary differential equations,
delay differential equations, partial differential equations, stochastic differential equations,
integral differential/difference equations


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